Management Team

Experience, Knowledge, Professionalism

Our management team has created and operated three prior affiliated distressed real estate investment funds that have 140 accredited wealthy investors who invested several million dollars. The three prior funds have owned over 100 distressed houses that were purchased and repaired for cash before they were rented for years and some houses have been sold for profits. Our prior investment funds are still operating and the investors are continuing to receive their quarterly income checks.

Throughout history, the U.S. economy has had a financial slowdown / recession approximately every 4 to 7 years. The recessions have caused the stock market prices and the real estate market prices to fall significantly in value. When this happens, millions of people have lost their job and usually their house or property through foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale.

The lenders and the bankruptcy courts sell at auction each distressed house or property to the highest cash bidder. Most of these houses and properties need some amount of repair before they can be rented or sold. The people that aren’t able to purchase another house, become renters and the increased demand drives up the rents and property prices. To stimulate the economy, the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates, pumps up the money supply and the economy slowly recovers.

Eventually the renters and the first time buyers start buying the limited supply of available houses and properties. The demand pushes the rents and the selling prices to the old prior highs. The current real estate depression that started in 2007/08/09 has only recovered approximately 30% to 60% of the fall in the price of houses and properties in most areas. Most houses still have between 50% and 100% price increase to go just to get back to the 2008 highs.

There are also millions of people that don’t pay their real estate property taxes on time each year. The county treasurers offers for sale at their auction to any cash buyer a tax certificate (which is the first lien on the property title). The buyer of each tax certificate will earn a high rate of interest of between (10% to 36%) per year during the redemption period of 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the state. Our prior investment funds have also invested $10,000,000 cash into the purchased of several thousand tax certificates on real estate properties in 20 states. Over the last 175 years, the average redemption of all sold tax certificates has been between 92% and 96%.

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Management Team

David Zussman

David Zussman, J.D., is the President and CEO of Realty Fund Management 2, Inc., which is the Managing Member of Distressed Realty Fund 2, LLC. Mr. Zussman is also the current CEO of several prior real estate management corporations that serve as the managing member of several prior affiliated distressed real estate investment funds. Mr. Zussman will lead the management team that will locate, purchase, renovate, rent and sell properties for this Fund. Our management team has worked for years with repair people, realtors, lawyers, title & escrow companies and lenders in such cities of Atlanta, Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago, Phoenix and Las Vegas.
Mr. Zussman has a Juris Doctor of Law Degree. Mr. Zussman is currently a licensed Broker Realtor in Nevada and a licensed Property Manager in Nevada. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent in California. He was a registered investment adviser for many years. He has a lifetime instructor’s credential in California where he has taught courses in the subjects of finance, banking, law and investments. Mr. Zussman offers professional investment experience, having worked with Wall Street investment firms since the 1970’s.

Stephen Verchick

Stephen Verchick, J.D., is Vice President of Realty Fund Management 2, Inc. and serves as Legal Counsel for Distressed Realty Fund 2, LLC. Mr. Verchick has worked for 20 years on all legal matters for the prior affiliate investment funds managed by Mr. Zussman. Mr. Verchick has practiced law in California for over 30 years.

Brian Hill

Brian C. Hill, CPA — Founder, President and Owner of BCH Consulting, Inc., Brian earned a degree in accounting from the University of North Carolina. Prior to opening the Firm in 2007, he worked in the corporate world for over fifteen years as a tax manager, Controller and Chief Financial Officer. Today, he oversees the day to day operations and guides the vision that has resulted in the Company’s success. Mr. Hill is a CPA, licensed with the State of California, and is a member of the California Society of CPAs.

David Bogan

Dave Bogan

Dave Bogan is an independent tax certificate expert who has purchased thousands of tax certificates from dozens of county treasurers for several of Mr. Zussman’s prior investment funds. Mr. Bogan knows the various state and county tax certificate laws and procedures. He travels to the auctions and has purchased several thousand tax certificates for his clients. He has handled thousands of tax certificate redemptions, completed hundreds of Broker Property Opinion, or “BPO,” valuations on properties and filed foreclosure on several hundreds of unredeemed tax certificates throughout the nation.